How To Change Google Account Password : Solve Using With Technician Expert Help

Know About The Procedure To Change The Google or Gmail Password

Gmail is an email service developed and provided by Google. It is used to access the emails and sometimes the third-party emails are also synced using some protocols. The features of sending, receiving, online advertising, etc. are provided by the Gmail to their users. There are some services such as Google+, Hangouts, Blogger, etc. provided by Google that requires the Gmail account for access.

The Issues Commonly Faced By The Users are Listed Below:

Although Gmail provides the best mailing service to its users but sometimes issues come up while using Gmail. If the user is facing any problem while using the Gmail, they can try to Change Google Account Password for resolving the issue.

  • The user may not be able to send or receive the emails in the Google account. The reason for the same could be the wrong email address, no internet or any other technical issue. So, the user should firstly check the email address and internet.
  • There could be an issue of a number of accounts showing up on the system of the user. The user can try deleting the accounts from the list. On the homepage of Gmail, there will be the list of user accounts. The account can be deleted by clicking the option of Remove an account.
  • Sometimes, the user might find it difficult to change Google password. It can be done by following the steps to do the same. The steps to change the password can be found on the Google support. Once done, the user can use the new password.
  • The user might be facing an issues while syncing the Gmail account with the Outlook. It could be due to the POP or IMAP settings. So for resolving the issue, the user has to check all the settings and try syncing on the emails again.

How To Change Google Account Password Steps By Steps If You Forgotten It

In case, the user feels that the Gmail account is not secure or hacked, there is an option of Change Google Account Password. The procedure for the same listed as below:

  • The procedure begins when the user is launches the homepage of the Gmail.
  • Then, needs the user to Sign in to the account using the email address with username and password for the Gmail account.
  • After that, the user clicks on the Sign-in & security and a number of options will come up on the screen likes Change Google Password. Then this page is scrolled down till the option saying Signing in to Google is reached.
  • In the next section, there will be a field which tells if last time the password was changed and the 2-step verification is active or not.
  • Click the Change Password button and the field is there asking to enter the password to confirm the identity. Once the verification is done, the user can Change Google Account Password and try a new one.
  • The new password should be a combination of the letters, numbers, capital letters and special characters too. It should be such that would be hard to guess for others but easy to remember for the user.

Google Password Reset Number Help For Change Your Gmail Account Password Through Phone Call If You Forgot it

To get any other info about changing the password, the technical support of the Google can be contacted dialing the Google password reset phone number. The technical executives will provide all the required assistance for how to Change Google Account Password. The info for contacting the executives is mentioned on the Google's official webpage.


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David Reed

I cannot log in and do my phone or do my Gmail account every time I put in my Gmail account it keeps telling me to put in my password every time I put in my password it says not available wrong password and it's saying a whole bunch of other nonsense and it sent it to my phone by I can be able to see what's on my phone unless I put in my password please help me with my Google account thank you


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