Why Is My iPhone Not Connecting To iTunes

What To Do When iPhone Not Connecting To iTunes

iPhone has been find as the complete new version of the smart-phones and has been concluded as the most iconic product. People always find it better because of the unique features it contains. It has been designed perfectly and don't have any flaws. People are ready to pay anything for this special item.

Contact iTunes Technical Support Number for Getting best Support at Why is your iPhone not connecting to iTunes:

iTunes has been find as significant product of Apple and is the best product for the mobile device. It can be run over Windows and iOS operating software. It supports different types of files like MP3,M4V and MOVE video file formats. It has been programmed in such a way that helps to sync music and video library with the iPhone and iPad device.

Those who are using iPhone has lots of expectation with this device, if it will not fulfilled then the disappointment will get increase. If user will have issue like iphone not connecting to iTunes, user can reach customer care team as soon as possible. To resolve this issue, there is need to adopt these guidelines:

There Is Need To Update iTunes Manually If The Automatic Update Is Not Available:

  • First, user should launch iTunes and click "Help tab" which is on the left
  • From the drop-down menu, tap the option to Check for "updates"
  • This will help in the installation of most recent version of the iTunes, if it is not updated. When user will confirm that he/she is using the recent version of it, it will be better
  • User should restart the computer to register for the iTunes update
  • Those who are using Mac, it is required to find a menu at the top
  • Select the option of iTunes and should check for updates
  • There is need to ensure that after an update,user are accessing the current version of iTunes so, that it can be connected to the iTunes
  • It may solve the bug like iPhone not connecting to iTunes

There Is Need To Update iTunes

  • It is required to unlock iPhone and open "Settings"
  • Individual needs to scroll down and tap "General"
  • Click for the "Software Update"
  • When the iOS device is not updated, you will get the option to download and install to update the device
  • If the device will not be updated, it will display the message as device is updated
  • It will solve the issue like iPhone not connecting to iTunes

Individual Should Install And Reinstall iTunes

  • Individual may have issue with the software, it means that the iTunes has been corrupted
  • When iTunes will be installed and reinstalled, it will delete all the files and there is need to download that again
  • If the iTunes shows that it is updated,and it is not, there is need to reinstall the iTunes
  • When user wants to prevents the data from getting lost, there is need to take the iTunes library backup by using a copy of files in the My Music iTunes folder
  • User will be asked with the verification code, there is need to "Sign In" into iCloud account by using iPhone
  • It will solve your issue like iPhone not connecting to iTunes

Individual needs To Start Computer And Should Reconnect iPhone

  • There can be issue regarding USB port of the PC that can be fixed after it restarts
  • Restart the PC will start the driver and it can fix the issue
  • Individual should use different USB port
  • You should try to check by using the original USB port and then select a different USB cable
  • It may fix the iTunes not connecting to iPhone

User Needs To Reset iPhone And Do Factory Reset So Why Is Your iPhone Not Connect To iTunes

  • There is need to create the backup of the iOS device by using iCloud as the process will wipe out the whole thing
  • Individual needs to go in "Settings" and then "iCloud"
  • User should go to the option of Backup and ensure that the feature has been enabled
  • To perform reset for the iPhone device,go to Settings,General and Reset
  • There is need to choose "Erase" all your content
  • However, there is need to enter the Apple ID password for running the required action
  • After the factory reset has been done, the data can be restored
  • Now, the issue of iPhone not connect to iTunes will get fix



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