How To Add Gmail Signature

Get All The Information About How To Add Gmail Signature With A Step By Step Procedure

Adding a signature to your Google Gmail account always leaves a positive impact on the reader when you sending an email someone. The last thing that a user reads in your email is your signature and hence it should be impressively and elegant as well. Gmail signature not only tells about your name and designation but it can be also be used to elevate your pitch or advertise your brand.

Moreover, Gmail signature can be a simple line, quote, brand information, image, GIFs, and whatever you want to create it. And you don't know how to add Gmail signature? Well, in that case, you can go through this article to add your Gmail account signature. It comprises of a few simple steps which you would discover as you read the content till the end. But before that, you should be know about some common problem a user faces when he or she adds a Gmail signature.

What Are Some Common Issues About Gmail Signature That A User Faces?

There can be any kind of problems with your Gmail signature when you add it to your account. To give you an idea about what kind of trouble you may face when you need to know how to add Gmail signature.

Here Is A List Of Problem That A User Faces:

  1. Images Changing Size
  2. Gap Below Images
  3. Images are Blurry (not Clear)
  4. Font gets changed to Times New Roman while sending to an Google account
  5. An email signature is changing the format when copied and pasted the content
  6. Image isn't displayed in a proper size
  7. Can't add or edit Gmail signature in Office 365
  8. While replying to emails on iPhone or iPad, the image disappears
  9. Signature images are being added as attachments
  10. Gmail signature is showing two dashes above it
  11. Gmail signature too long error message
  12. Gmail account is not downloading images in email messages

After knowing this, you must be thinking about how to add Gmail signature. Fair enough, you should know follow the given steps to add a signature to your Google Gmail account.

Know About How Would You Add Gmail Signature

  • First of all, you should log in to your Google Gmail account.
  • There you need to select the Gmail Toolbar from which you require to click on the Settings option.
  • Further, you should select the General option and ensure that you have select the desired Gmail account to add Gmail Signature.
  • Then you are required to type the text that you desire to add a Gmail signature also you can add image or GIF to make it more appealing.
  • Once you are done with add the signature, you are required to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click to the Save Changes option.

The moment you will save the changes you will no longer worry about how to add Gmail signatureand when you will send the email your Gmail signature will be shown in the email at the bottom of the email.

What Will You Do If You Face A Problem In Adding A Gmail Signature?

Though the procedure to add Gmail signatureis very simple sometimes users find it tricky. In such situations, you can get help from the Google phone number where a team of technical experts will help you out and will fix the Gmail Signature issue within the least possible time. There is a number of benefits of calling to Google phone number.

  • The helpline number provides you complete and reliable customer support for every glitch your face in your Google Gmail account.
  • Also, the team of customer support works 24/7 and hence you can get help from a representative at any time.
  • Additionally, you will get the solution to fix the issue from the technical experts who have experience of many years in resolving Gmail signature problems.

So, if you need help to add a Gmail signature, you should not delay and immediately contact the Google support phone number is provide online help.


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