How To Create A Company Page On Linkedin?

A Procedure To Create A Company Profile On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a business and employment social networking service. Where employers post the job and job seekers can get connected to people of their field by uploading their resume. It is only restricted to professional networking. It gains it revenue comes from selling the information about its member to recruiters and sales professional. It is the 20th most popular website which is renowned around the world. These days mainly the accounts which are prevalent are the school and college going students. Get easy solution for How to Create a Company Page on Linkedin?

If you are wondering How to Create a Company Page on Linkedin so that it helps you learn about your business, brand, products and services and job opportunities for seeking jobs here is a process that you can follow for How to Create a Company Page on Linkedin:

How To Create A Company Page On Linkedin Without Any Trouble

First of all, to solve this problem How to Create a Company Page on Linkedin you will have to create a login with your real first and last name before you start with the process to create a company page. Also, decide a password with combinations of numeric and alphabets which you can remember to secure your problem. Get the Solution for How to Create a Company Page on Linkedin follow these steps:

  • Now click on the word icon in the top right corner of the page directed.
  • Click on a plus symbol to create a page
  • Enter your company name and choose URL.
  • While your company page doesn’t need a unique name but the public URL for your page cannot stand same as one that exists on the LinkedIn, as the members would search the engine with the unique URL to find your existing page.
  • Now review the company page URL requirements
  • You will now have to click on the verification box to confirm that you have the right to act on behalf of the company in the creation of the page
  • Click on the create page button that you have been directed to
  • If you do not have confirmed email address associated with your account you will be prompted to add and verify the email address.

Create A Company Page On Linkedin

Follow these instructions for How to Create a Company Page on Linkedin, when you get your answer by performing the above steps in order to How to Create a Company Page on Linkedin as mentioned below:

  • The URL must contain at least one numeric character
  • It can be a lowercase alphabet, numeric, hyphen, or Chinese, Japanese or Korean Unicode.
  • It should not include more than one hyphen and can’t have a hyphen at the beginning or end.
  • If there would be any improper characters it will automatically be replaced by its own.
  • Once you have created the company page, you should share this information with other employees at your company so that your page is accessible to all the clients who are looking for it.

The above-stated steps are the best solution for the query that is How to Create a Company Page on Linkedin just follow these steps and make a company page so that the employees can easily access you for seeking jobs in your venture. ‘

Linkedin Customer Service

You can also contact the official number of the same if you are having any problem. The experts who are knowledgeable with LinkedIn would be having a solution to How to Create a Company Page on LinkedIn easily. They would provide you with step by step information regarding the same topic and solve your problem instantly. It would then be easy to access your company page. You can dial the Linkedin Customer Service Phone Number for How to Create a Company Page on Linkedin and you would directly get connected with the experts who will solve your problem related to it. You can dial the number any point in time the problem occurs or you are unable to understand the steps mentioned above.

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