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Microsoft Word is the most popular and the best text editor with several of features. It is word processor developed by Microsoft. It has a built-in spell checker, a thesaurus, a dictionary and utilities for editing text. With microsoft word you can create your own formatting templates. Word has a feature called "Word Art" word art enables drawing text such as title, watermark with graphical effects shadowind, rotating and three dimensional effects. Sometimes, due to some errors microsoft word not responding properly and keep getting freezes.You can get a "not responding" message frequently and it indicates word documents corruption.

Comprehensive Approach to Fix Error- Microsoft Word Not Responding Reliable step by step solution to fix the issue of Microsoft word not responding in a swift manner is any issue dial Microsoft Toll free number. It has been consistently visible that sometimes Microsoft word may not respond and become a hurdle in working.

The Reason Of Issue Can Be Due To Following Consequences:-

  • Malware and virus might have corrupted ms word document
  • Sudden closure of word document
  • Unexpected power rush
  • Excessive plug-ins error

If you have any other issue feel free and dial Microsoft Toll free number.

Microsoft Word Not Responding

To discard the error in a remarkable manner, user is required to walk on set of instructions that have been designed and described below:-

User Is Required To Launch Safe Mode Once Plug-Ins Has Been Disabled

  1. User is required to hit click on start option
  2. Moving to next step, user is required to hit click on program option
  3. Furthermore, user is required to hit click on Microsoft office option
  4. User is required to press ctrl key with finger for few seconds and wait till Microsoft application appears and runs in safe mode
  5. Once done, user is required to restart system once again

User Is Required To Disable Hardware Acceleration In An Error-Free Manner

  1. User is required to open Microsoft Word
  2. Now user is required to hit click on file option
  3. Moreover, user is required to hit click on word option
  4. Furthermore, hit click on advanced tab option available at left panel on screen
  5. Moreover, towards display section, user is required to hit click on display option and check mark on option stating disable hardware graphics acceleration in a remarkable manner
  6. Once done, hit click on ok option

Microsoft Word Not Responding On Mac

If you wants to open microsoft word in your Mac,and it freezes or stop responding.Then you can use these methods listed below to fix your issue-

Method 1. Clear Auto Recovery Folder-

  • First you need on the GO menu, and then click on the "home"
  • You need open "documents" and then "microsoft user data"
  • Click on the "open autorecovery" folder. You need to delete flies in this folder, you can copy those flies on desktop.
  • Lastly, test the application.

Method 2. Download or Install To The Latest Version-

  • After clear the recovery folder, if you still facing the issue, then you may be using the old version of word.To check this, click "about word" on the help menu and view the version of the program. So if your version is outdated then you should download the latest version and install it to run microsoft word smoothly and without interruption.

Method 3. Check of The Documents Name-

  • If your file doesn't open, then check its name, if the name contains symbols then change the name and rename it without symbols to resolve the issue.

Method 4. Check For The Third Party Fonts-

  • Your Mac may experience problems if you've using third party fonts.Third party fonts not supported microsoft word on Mac directly. It may cause the processing the word on Mac. So you have to install third party fonts on your Mac.

Method 5. Try It On Safe The Mode-

  • You need to try to open the file in safe mode to fix the issue of microsoft word not responding. If you tried the above solutions, and still have the problem of microsoft word not responding Mac, then you can contact the microsoft toll free number to get best help.

Microsoft Word Not Responding Windows 10-

There are many reasons cause the freezing issues. If MS word not responding on your computer then you need to follow the below steps listed below-

Method 1. Automatic Repair-

  • First you need to open control panel in your windows 10 and click on the "programs and features" and then on "microsoft office".
  • Select "repair" options and click "continue".
  • You can also choose "online repair" and "quick repair"
  • When repair process finished ,then restart the computer.

Method 2. Delete Normal.Dot File-

  • You need to open "This PC" in the search box.
  • Enter and click on the "search"
  • Find the normal.Dot file and delete its.
  • Then restart your computer and check if word start working fine.

If you have still facing the error in using the word on Windows 10 and need a help of an expert then you can contact the customer care executives for regarding your issue via phone number.The executives are professionals and skilled so they can understand your problem easily and provides you instant solution to resolve your problem at around the clock.

Microsoft Word Toll Free Number

Above stated solution are effective enough to resolve the hiccup in nick of time, if still, user wishes to seek qualitative guidance, just trigger call on Microsoft Toll free number. Toll free number is approachable from any location and at any time. Be in touch to seek incredible assistance at the doorstep in a hassle-free manner now.