How To Fix Roku Error Code 001

Roku is an online media player that streams music, photos or digital video by connecting to home network like TV, computer etc. The roku device needs to be connected to a Wi-Fi connection through internet router to receive the entertainment data. Users have to activate Roku streaming player in order to use it. To activate users will have to enter a code displayed on their TV or computer screen. Several times during the activation, users see that the Roku error code 001 display. When they enter the code they see the error. If you are facing issues then don't worry. In this article we will provide you various ways for How to fix issue Roku error code 001.

How To Fix Roku Error Code 001?

Activation Code

The first reason of Roku Error Code 001 is incorrect activation code. The roku streaming player starts after activating it for which users need to enter a code. If this code is entered incorrect then the error code will appear. So you need to be careful while entering the code. You can note it down and then enter it. Also make sure that the code does not expire as it lasts for a few minutes after which you will have to generate a new code. Users can generate the new code through the Help menu if they face any issue with the earlier one.

Network Connection

Another reason for Roku Error Code 001 is poor internet connectivity. For roku to work users need to connect it to a wireless connection. If your internet is not strong or he network is bad then the roku device will not work properly and you will face the error. You can check this by trying to load some pages. If they do not load, then the issue is in internet. If you have a wired connection, check if the Ethernet or LAN cable is properly connected. If you have WiFi connection then you can check the router settings and the corresponding streaming device settings like this:

  • Open Settings menu
  • Select the Network option
  • Now check your connection.

You can also contact your Internet Service Provider to fix any issue with your internet connection.

Server Issue

The Roku Error Code 001 can also occur due to server issues. If the server is slow or if it is faulty then it can create problem in the working. When you turn on your roku device, if the screen is purple then it is because of server problem. You can however fix the server error. You can get the IP address of website using the DNS server. Then you can open the IP socket and use HTTP data stream. Then you need to check if you are receiving data back from the socket. If you are receiving then you can use this IP address to reconnect to the server. Now check if the Roku device is working properly

Streaming Stick Issue

The Roku Error Code 001 can also be a result of activation issue with streaming stick. The streaming stick is a device shape and size like flash drive which plugs into the TV's HDMI port and deliver content through internet. If the stick is not activated properly then the error can appear. You need to make sure that you have selected the correct input port before you begin with the setup process. Also check if you have entered the link code accurately. in case there is a problem of internet connection then you can first fix it and then activate the streaming stick.

These are the ways for Roku error Code 001 fix. They will surely solve the problem. You can try any one and see if the device starts working. If not then move to the other method and try it to eliminate the code. In case the error exists then you can take help from the customer support of roku. The roku service center has skilled and trained executives. They have technical knowledge and so they will understand all your queries. They will also know the ways to fix various errors. You can call them or email them and share your problem with them. They will provide you assured solutions of your problem.



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