Printer Not Connecting To Computer

Printer is an useful tool and very economical for public user. Printer is one of the best printer to use. Printer is a low-cost printing device. Users easily afford the Printer and print using low cost Printer ink cartridge. This printer not only prints but user can also copy, fax or scan with Printer. User can get superior printing, that can last decades without fading even after spills. If somehow Printer not connecting to computer and don't run properly, user can fix this issue easily. Printer has compact all-in-one designed so user can fit it anywhere he need and save his space. User can also creates lab-quality photos and laser sharp documents.

Reasons why Printer not connecting to computer-

Printer is one of the best tool for smooth printing but there is some reasons when User has facing the issue in connection of Printer with his computer and printer won't print is a common issue for printer users.

Some of The Reasons Listed As Below -

  • When users computer won't detected.
  • There may be a printer installation problem.
  • Connection problem occurred when there is issue with scanning device.
  • In case scanner unreachable and unsuccessful scan.
  • Scan to computer is no longer activated or scanner cannot be found.
  • Faulty configuration and drivers.

Steps To Know About How To Fix Printer Not Connecting To Computer Issue-

If user having the issue that his Printer not connecting to computer, he must follow the steps given below to fix the issue and connect his printer to the computer to run the printer properly-

  • When the user facing the connection problem with his computer, then he needs to visit the "Guided Solutions: Printer does not maintain wireless connection".
  • User can fix the problem by restoring the lost scan connection and restart the computer.
  • User must restart the computer to check the driver scan settings.
  • Also user needs to make sure that his internet is working properly so check the internet works fine and printer connection status.
  • User can also use the "Printer print and scan doctor" to resolve the issue, when users Printer not connecting to computer.
  • User can uninstall the printer software and then he should reinstall the latest version.
  • User needs temporarily disable firewall software to fix the printer connection. Firewall software has some settings and configurations that can block communication with network printers.
  • Windows operating system has service of "windows image acquisition" that helps to support communication between computer and the scanner.
  • User can also resolve the issue by set this printer as a default.

So If He Wants To Set The Printer As A Default Then He Must Follow The Steps Listed Below-

  • First user needs to click window logo key and R key together to open run dialog.Then type control and this will open the control panel.
  • User will see control panel, then he should select Devices and Printers and in the Printers section, he needs to click right on his Printer.
  • Then select the "set as a default" , when prompted,click "yes"
  • If user see a tick below the icon of his printer then Printer is now set as default.

In case, user can't resolve the problem of Printer not connecting to computer, then he can get help from the customer services executives via phone call and talk to them. They will provide the user quick and best service to resolve his issue at around the clock.


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