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Printer is a popular US based multinational company which is doing innovations in the digital world and has introduced various products before the world which include Printer laptop, printers and it also has expanded its business in collaboration with other multinational companies and government organizations. Printer makes hardware components, hardware products and also the software products. Printer products reach the individuals, small size business, to various organizations. Printer also makes printers for home purpose, businesses be that small or large ones.

Some Of The Printers Are Given Below To Introduce You With The Printers Variants:

  1. Black and white laser printers.
  2. Color laser printers.
  3. Laser multifunction printers.
  4. Inkjet all-in-one printers.
  5. Specialty photo inkjet printers.

These are just glimpses and there are many variants of Printers which are based upon the utility. Printers are categorised into black and white and colored printers. But sometimes there are some settings needed to be performed if you have the Printer.

If you have Printer and needed to perform Printer password reset,then, before performing the reset, you should know that while you perform a printer password reset, it deletes network settings which includes the IP Address, protocols and Jetdirect settings. So, you need not to bother as you can do the network settings again and connect your printer to the computer and router.

Do Following The Steps For Printer Password Reset

  • To reset the Security from Control Panel:
  • The first and foremost thing that you need to do is using the Control Panel, print the Configuration page.

Following step gives the description about the Control Panel type, depending upon your control panel type, navigate to the grt Direct menu by selecting one of the following paths:

For Printer Enterprise Printers With Keypad, Touchscreen or Standard Line Display Go Through Following Settings:

  • Go to Administration.
  • Click on Network Settings.
  • Click on JetDirect menu or Embedded JetDirect menu.
  • But for the Printer LaserJet Enterprise model numbers P3015, CP4525, CP4025
  • go for Standard 4-line display steps that are meant for Printer laserjet(non future smart) printers.

The Steps For Printer Password Reset For Model Laserjet (Non Future Smart) Are:

For Keypad / Touchscreen :

  • Go to Menu button
  • Click on Configure device.
  • Click on I/O.
  • Go to Embedded JetDirect menu.

For Touchscreen:

  • Go to Administration.
  • Click on Initial Steps.>
  • Tap on Networking and I/O.
  • Tap on Embedded jetdirect.

For Standard 4 -Line Display:

  • Click or tap or press OK button.
  • Click on Configure device.
  • Go to I/O under configure device.
  • Under I/O, go to Embedded JetDirect Menu.

Final Steps For Printer Password Reset :

  • You need to select Security.
  • Then, select Reset Security.
  • Now, select Yes.
  • If the Control Panel displays Save, then, click on it to save the settings.
  • After the above mentioned steps under the method to reset Security from Control Panel, you are required to open the Embedded Web Server and reset the password.

To Open Embedded Web Server And Reset Printer Password Go Through Following Steps:

  • Open a web browser.
  • In the web browser, type the IP address of the printer in the address field same as it appears on the Configuration page.
  • Press Enter
  • Click on the Security tab. Now, under the General Security tab.

In the Security tab, you need to set the local administrator password:

  • Enter the Username.
  • Type the New Password.
  • Click on Verify Password.
  • Click on Apply which you get at the page bottom.
  • Use the above mentioned credentials from next time onwards. The above mentioned methods successfully accomplish Printer password reset.

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