What Is WordPress And How To Use WordPress?

Here You Will Know What Is WordPress? How To Use WordPress?
Everything You Need To Know About The WordPress And Its Usage

What Is Wordpress?

Have you ever heard of the term WordPress? If your answer is a yes, then it's good but if your answer is no, then we guarantee that after reading this article, you will start counting yourself among the luckiest people in the world. So if you want to know What is WordPress? and How to Use WordPress? Read Continuous. So, in this article, we will provide you some important information about WordPress and along with that, you will learn what is Wordpress and How to Use Wordpress.

How To Use WordPress Blog?

So, the WordPress is a content management system which is based on PHP and MySQL but the biggest benefit is that it charges you absolutely nothing and it is open source and available everywhere. Despite being released more than a decade ago, the WordPress has served to be a blessing in disguise for the Internet users all over the world. That's the reason why, more and more users are asking us that How to Use Wordpress. But don't worry of you don't know the answer because you will learn it slowly by reading this article. So, it is also an important fact for you to know that it is extremely easy to learn about this system and within a few days, you will feel like that you are experienced for so many years.

How To Make A WordPress Website?

Now, it's the time for you to learn How to Use Wordpress with the help of the Steps mentioned below.
  • So, the first step is to navigate to the official website of the WordPress from your browser. 
  • After that, you have to go to the left panel of the screen and then click on the orange colored button named as Get started.
  • Now, the third step of this How to Use Wordpress procedure is to enter your email address, username along with this password which you want to register with the WordPress. 
  • In the next step, you have to create an address for your blog and then click on the button named as WordPress.com Free. 
  • Now, the users have to click on the button named as ACTIVATE BLOG so that their WordPress website can be activated. 
  • After that, it is extremely important for the users to know that they then have to give a title, along with a theme to their blog. 
  • Now, the users have to create a new blog post and the final step is to publish a blog post on their website.

WordPress Customer Service

In case, you are still facing some issues on How to Use Wordpress, then the WordPress Support Team via WordPress Customer Service Phone Number is always there for you. 



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