How To Recover Deleted Gmail Account

Know About The Recovery Procedure of Deleted Gmail Account

Gmail is a well-known and one of the best emails on the internet. It is used daily by more than a million of peoples across the world. Gmail account can be used for accessing, authorizing and authenticating a number of Google services as well as many the third-party apps. There are various impeccable services offered by Gmail to its users. Although it is a Google service which is the best service provider on internet, it may confront some problem. To resolve the issues, Google has introduced the Google tech support department which helps the users in many issues such as Recover Deleted Gmail account, password issues, etc.

Some of The Common Issues Faced By A User While Using Gmail are Listed Below:

  • The issue of forgotten username or password for the account is commonly faced by the users. In this case, the Recover Deleted Gmail account procedure is followed.
  • A user might encounter the issue of getting error messages in Gmail. For this, various troubleshooting steps are carried out.
  • If Gmail is not loading in the browser, it is also an issue which hinders the working of a user on Gmail. The user can attempt updating the browser.
  • In case the user has an issue of missing emails, the customer service support can be contacted.
  • Another issue is also faced in which the user might have deleted the Gmail account mistakenly. To Recover Deleted Gmail account, a user can either contact support center or follow recovery process.
  • In case if Gmail account is hacked, it is also an issue for the user and needs to be resolved.
  • The issues related to syncing of emails or two-step verification is resolved by contacting the technical support specialist of Gmail.

How To Recover Deleted Gmail Account : Useful Tips and Tricks

The major issue of permanently deleted Gmail account recovery is completed by following the underneath mentioned steps if a user wants to know how to recover deleted Gmail account:

  • Once the Gmail® account is deleted, the user has a maximum of two business days to obtain the account back.
  • To start the deleted Gmail account recovery process, the user is required to open the Gmail account recovery page on the browser.
  • When the next pages comes up, it will have a blank field for email address or the username to the deleted account.
  • By clicking of the Next button, if the user gets the message of email does not exist or is deleted, the account cannot be recovered.
  • Otherwise, the user is asked to enter the previous remembered password for the Gmail account.
  • As soon as the click Next button, the user will get a success message on the screen.
  • Then, click on Continue to get the access of deleted account.
  • To Recover Deleted Gmail account,the user needs to be sure of the account info i.e. email address, phone number linked with the account, etc.
  • After verifying the info, Gmail will send a verification code to the phone number.
  • By using the verification code in the given field, the identification is completed and a user will have complete info about how to recover deleted Gmail account.
  • Finally when the deleted account is recovered, the user should try signing-in with the correct login details to check if the Gmail account is working or not.

Benefit To Contact The Gmail Helpline Toll Free Number

Other than this, if the user has any other problems or query related to how to recover deleted Gmail account,the technical support specialist of Google can be contacted. The technical team of Google support will resolve all the issues related to Gmail or any other Google service. The solution provided by the technical person will be best of his knowledge and experience. They can be contacted by dialing the Gmail toll free number, or via email or via live chat support. Any of the suitable ways can be chosen to reach the Google support center. To get more details and all the contact info to reach the support department, a user can simply visit the Google website.


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