Microsoft Account Recovery

What to do when you have lost your Microsoft account password on Windows 10, 7, 8 or 8.1 and Windows Phone

Microsoft email accounts are one of the well-known accounts in the world. They are also known as Hotmail or outlook account. These are the flagship accounts of Microsoft and enable its users to access various types of Microsoft services and features such as Windows OS, Microsoft App store, Xbox and much more. However, there are various other reasons that make the users prefer Microsoft accounts over any other major email clients as these accounts are well organized, automatic syncing with contacts and other important data, ability to access email even in the offline mode, different ways for email lookup, and other unique features.

But what happens when you forgot your email account’s password? Well, you get frustrated as you are now unable to access your account. When it comes to Microsoft account recovery, you can easily recover its password on its recovery page. Hence, have a quick look at the password recovery steps for your Microsoft email account.

Quick Methods To Recover Microsoft Account's Password

Go through the following steps to recover your email account's password on the Microsoft account recover page.

Method 1: How To Recover Microsoft Account

Microsoft account password recovery & reset via using its Microsoft account recovery page

  • In your web browser, head over to the account recovery page of Microsoft
  • Select the I forgot my password option form the page and then hit the next button
  • Now, simply enter the email address of your account in the given field and then enter the mentioned letters in their relevant text-field
  • Next, you can now see the password recovery options- using Email Address or Phone Number.

Here, you can select it to get an account verification code that will help you to proceed with the account recovery process.

However, if you want to use another recovery option then you will be need to click on the "I don't have any of these" link in order to submit the answer for the account recovery security questions.

  • Now, choose the recovery option accordingly and then get the code.
  • Enter the requested recovery code in the given field and then head to the password reset page
  • Here, type in the new password and then retype it for further confirmation and then simply save the changes and easily recover your Microsoft account.

Now have a look at the Microsoft account recoverysteps on Windows 10 in the next section.

Method 2: How To Recover Microsoft Account Password In Windows 10

  • Process to reset Microsoft Account Password on Windows 10, So you can go in your Windows 10 sign-in screen, click on the Reset Password option
  • Now, submit the exact answer for your security questions and you'll be able to enter a new password
  • Save the changes and then sign in your account

Furthermore, if you use the PIN security alternative and you are unable to find its pin reset option then you'll to contact your account administrator for further Microsoft account recoveryprocess.

Contact Technical Support For Email Account's Password Recovery Microsoft

If you are still facing any confusion while recovering your email account with the help of the aforementioned method then it is time that you dial on the Microsoft account recovery phone number and get your issue resolved. The professional technical support expert will surely assist you with the necessary steps and will make sure that you do not face any further issues. You could use their professional expertise to know more about the issue that might be causing you the ability to access your Microsoft account. There could be many other issues regarding compatibility, account lockdown, inappropriate settings, and improper recovery alternatives among other major problems. Hence, calling on the recovery number will connect you with the experts who will not only help you with your Microsoft account recovery but will also make you understand your account's issue and make sure that you do not encounter any problem for a long time.



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