Why Is Google Docs not working in chrome : Here Are The Available New Techniques With Steps By Steps Solutions

How to fix "Google Docs not working in Chrome"?

Google Docs is a word processor and free web-based office suit proffered by the Google. Users can use Google Docs to write documents and save them in a cloud model that can store under Google storage. One can access saved Google Docs documents from every part of the world. But sometimes users confront varied problems and Google Docs not working in Chrome is one among those which often faced by the users when they access Google Docs on their Chrome browser.

Some Most Common Google Docs Technical Issues:

  • Not opening issues.
  • Unable to save a file.
  • Issues related to sign in.
  • File crashing issues.
  • Temporary error 502.
  • Syncing problems.
  • Connectivity issues.

Why Google Docs Not Working In Chrome?

There are multiple reasons caused behind the not working problem of Google Docs in Chrome. If you are thinking to fix this problem, then you must need to know about them and some of the common reasons are listed below:

  • Unwanted caches and cookies.
  • Large file size.
  • Corrupted browser version.
  • Unsupported documents.
  • Improper internet connectivity.
  • Firewall settings.

What Are The Methods To Fix Is Google Docs Not Working In Chrome?

If you want to fix the not working problem of Google Docs in Chrome, then you can try the simple methods to fix is Google Docs not working issue in a very easy and proper manner which is listed below:

Check Your Internet Connection

Sometimes poor internet connectivity also caused several problems and same you can face with the Google Docs when using it on Chrome. So make sure that your internet connection is properly working on your browser.

Update Chrome Browser

In case if you are using an older version of the Chrome, then you may also face Google Docs not working in Chrome problem. So it's better to update the Chrome with the below steps:

  • Open your Chrome and then go to the menu which is available at the top-right corner.
  • Now click on Help and then click on the About Google Chrome.
  • After that, you can see the current version of your Chrome and then click on Update tab to update your Chrome.

Reset Chrome

Reset Chrome to factory settings also fixes multiple problems most of the times. You can smoothly reset your Google Chrome browser with the help of below instructions:

  • Open the Chrome and then click on the menu icon available on the top-right corner.
  • Click on Settings from the scroll down and then choose Show advanced settings option.
  • Now click on Reset tab to reset the Chrome to the default settings.

With these above-given steps, Google Docs not working in Chrome problem can easily resolved in an effective manner. If you are still facing any issue during or after using the Google Docs in Chrome, then contact with the customer service team for a better help.


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