How do i Get my Google Contacts on my iphone

What could be the best trick to get the Google contacts on an iPhone? Take a look at simple steps:

Are you trying to get Google contacts on your mobile phone but unable to do so due to lack of knowledge? Calm down and leave getting stress in your mind now as we are here to provide a variety of the ways to perform the task of obtaining Google contacts on your mobile phone with ease. So if you are an android user and trying to moving to iPhone device you must have to set up everything whether you are using an email account or Google contacts.

How do I get my Google contacts on my iPhone?

There is an auspicious news that you can transfer the contact, music photos, and apps from an Android phone to iPhone which is really not simply because of its differ settings than the Android device. So if you are trying to do this kind of the task you new purchase the iphone you can go for the best trick that is pretty simple to understand and perform accordingly.

Let's know how to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone:

If you are getting stressed and unable to find out the correct answer that how to do it easily, for that aim let me inform you its support service with which most of the users got the solution and fix their problem with ease. Once I tried to get contacts on my iPhone but did not get success. At this, I called tech team and asked that how do I get my Google contacts on my iPhone? He told me an accurate answer to resolve the issue easily. He suggested me first to move Android device to iPhone that fixes the problem easily.

Here are the Following ideas that I Asked Techniques that How do I Get my Google Contacts on my iPhone?

  • First of all, turn on your iPhone device and go to the settings application on your device.
  • Now select account and password button and select add account button.
  • Select other account button and click on the add card button and move to the next.
  • Fill out the account detail and enter the email address and password.
  • Tap on the IMAP and SMTP mail server protocols and add that with the portal.
  • Select the next button to select the contact button to open or sync on your iPhone device.
  • Go to the how do I get my Google contacts on my iPhone section and select the terms and condition to start process.
  • Perform the task as per the on-screen instruction and complete the task easily at the end of the task.

Having completed the task you can check out the contact on your iPhone device that you were checking on your Android device in the past.



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