How To Create A Website Using WordPress?

Here You Will Learn The Process For How To Create A Website Using WordPress In Just Simple Steps.

Today you will learn the method of creating a website by the involvement of WordPress. A few simple steps will lead you towards the website development. Hopefully, this write-up will enable you to create your WordPress website. You should know that to build a website you will need a domain name (name of your site) and WordPress hosting of your website to store files. You can buy a domain and hosting service for your site on which is one of the reliable service providers on very reasonable price. Let's start for how to create a website using WordPress:

  1. Go to where you can get a free domain with hosting
  2. Select the Economy Plan
  3. Enter the name which you have already selected; hit [Go]
  4. The selection of [Add and Continue] comes next
  5. Here you will get your domain for free and also on some percentage of discount on hosting
  6. Click [Proceed to checkout] 

If it is a one, two, or three-year plan, you need to renew your plan after the completion of that duration. We urge you to continue as a new user if you are looking forward to getting the explanation of how to create a website using WordPress. Fill up all your details such as Billing Details, Account Information. Plus, choose any four-digit number as your pin. The selection of payment method comes next.

Create A Website In WordPress

  1. Click [Continue]
  2. Hit [Agree] and [Place your Order]
  3. It will enable you to complete the payment process
  4. This is the end point of your domain name and hosting purchase
  5. Navigate the [C-panel account] and initiate [Web Hosting]
  6. Click [Setup]
  7. Now you need to enter your login credentials; i.e., a username and a password
  8. The [C-panel account] will be ready within a while

WordPress Customer Service Phone Number

Here we will learn how to create a website using WordPress; it starts with the installation.  Well, the WordPress makes it very easy to create a website without knowing any programming or coding. Scroll down the page and look for WordPress in [Web Application] and then click on [WordPress]. Please click on [Install this Application] afterward. Access the [Administrator Username] and enter a username as well as a password for WordPress. Enter your emails and then website titles. We also suggest you to select [Do not enable two-factor authentication] to make the access easier and hassle-free. Click [Install] to end up the process (how to create a website using WordPress). Please click on for accessing your site. It will lead you to your WordPress dashboard.



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