Why Is Google Hangouts Microphone Not Working : Fix By Technician

Fix The Issue of Google Hangouts Microphone Not Working Via Implementing These Facile Steps

Diverse Information To Know More About Google Hangouts:

Google Hangouts is a communication platform that is developed by Google. It includes messaging , video chat, SMS and other VOIP features. The development of Google Hangouts has completely revolutionized the world.By signing in to the Google account, the users may access the Google hangouts for sharing the messages and other vital information.

More About Google Hangouts Microphone:

The users may share vital information with the help of Google Hangout Microphone. The users may enable the Google Hangout Microphone so that they can speak to their friends. By enabling the Microphones option, the users may hear to the voices ad listen to their related members.

Common Technical Issues Faced By The Users of Google Hangouts Microphone:

The users of Google Hangout may face a number of technical issues while working with Google Hangouts microphone. One of these is Google Hangouts Microphone not working. Other issues are listed here while working with Google Hangouts.

  • The computer finds it unable to connect to the microphones.
  • At times, the user often receives the message stating that Google hangouts cannot use the selected Microphones.
  • The user may face the issue of Google microphone not working while accessing Google Hangouts.
  • The voice is not clear and is not at all audible ot the users of Google Hangouts.
  • The driver of the microphone is corrupted, old and might be missing.

These are issues faced by the Google Hangouts users.

How To Fix The Issue of Google Hangouts Microphone Not Working?

The users may follow these steps listed below in order to fix the issue of Google Hangouts microphone not working in a quick manner.

Method 1: Restarting The Computer:

Just a simple restart of the computer may fix a number of issues. For this, the set of instructions are presented here:

  • The user needs to restart the computer from the Start menu.
  • Then the users may call the person on Hangouts in in order to make sure that the person can so that the issue gets resolved easily.

Method 2: Updating the microphone and other related driver:

The users may update the microphone and other related driver so as to fix the issue of Google Hangouts microphone not working for which the steps are presented underneath :

  • The user needs to go the website of the manufacturer in order to download the latest driver and install the new driver on the computer.
  • Alternatively, the users may make use of Driver Easy which helps the users to download the drivers automatically.
  • The user needs to download and install Driver Easy.
  • Then the user needs to run the Driver Easy and then click the Scan Now button. Driver Easy helps to scan the computer and thus detect the drivers that have some problem.
  • At last the user may click on the update option to automatically download and install to the correct version of the driver.

Method 3: Closing Other Programs That Are Using The Microphone:

The users may close all other programs that might be using the microphone. This can cause some issue and hinder the working of the microphone.

The above listed methods will assist the users in fixing the issue of Google Hangouts Microphone not working.The users may contact the Google Phone Number get best technical specialist help in case they face some issues while working with Google Hangouts microphone.


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